Who is CodeSpace Education?

Our Story & Mission

CodeSpace Education was founded in June 2016 by Joshua Brooks, a 16-year-old serial entrepreneur who is passionate about making positive social change in the world. 

But even though we have been around since June 2016, we have grown and advanced in leaps and bounds. Last school holidays alone, we taught over 450 students and every week we teach over 120 students in our before and after school CodeSpace Clubs. 

CodeSpace Education is focused on running quality and educational (not to mention fun!) workshops for students all around Australia where they can learn and develop the skills of the future. 

But this is only the start…

Joshua is on a mission to re-invent education from the ground up for all students around the world. 

It’s a big goal, but we know we can accomplish it. 

So join us today – sign up to a CodeSpace Camp or club and join us in the future of education.