Junior Entreprenurs with MINECRAFT – Holiday CodeSpace Camp


At CodeSpace Education, being founded by a young entrepreneur ourselves, our team has always believed that when you couple coding with entrepreneurship – you have a superpower!

Entrepreneurship is often tainted with “be your own boss” schemes, but it is much more than that. Through the power of entrepreneurship combined with coding, you can change the world. Think about some of the most successful startups and the massive impact they have on your life today, from Facebook to Uber to AirBnb. They were all created with code. That’s why these school holidays at CodeSpace Education we are running entrepreneurship workshops for kids where they will learn about making money in a business, how to solve a market need and more – all while in MINECRAFT!

We have created a complex economic simulator (but simple to understand for kids) in a Minecraft Server, so all students at this workshop will connect to a local Minecraft Server and play together in a world with special rules and mods that allow us to teach children about starting and running a very basic business.


Age Ranges: 7-14

Some of the content that we cover in the class is: (but is subject to change or modification)

–How to make a profit in a business

–Why business is all about solving a need that other people have

–How to work towards a goal

–How to work together as a team

–How to make a profit and follow the rules of a society

As it says in the description, we believe in the power of entrepreneurship and coding. This is because coding is only a tool, and you have to wield it to be able to effect positive change in the world.

In this workshop, we have created a simple experience for kids to help them understand money management, how to tell if you are making a profit or a loss and how to solve another person’s problems – and of course the simulation is in Minecraft so the kids have heaps of fun as well!

To register in this camp, please click on the ‘register now’ button on this page. You will then be guided through our secure online enrolment system where you can register your child and pay for the course.

Thank you so much, my son learnt a lot and had a lovely day at camp today. Well done! And Thank you to Josh, for wonderful customer service for your prompt replies to my late messages. Will definitely enroll for the next camps and looking forward to many more.

Justine Willis

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will my child get to take what they make home?

YES! – At all of our camps, kids will get to take home what they have created except for robotics workshops (sorry – you can’t take the robots home)

Q. Will food be provided?

For allergy reasons, we ask that you pack your child’s recess or lunch each day.

Q. What ages do you cater for?

We cater for a wide range of ages of kids and teens, depending on the exact workshop and subject of that workshop. Please find a workshop near you and find the ages under “Workshop Details”.

Q. How many kids in a class?/How many teachers/assistants are there?

A: We run workshops for a range of class sizes, from around 7 all the way to more than 60+ kids at special events. However most workshops we run have between 15-25 kids in them and we have between 2-3 teachers/assistants in that class. We don’t have lots of assistants, instead we focus on having better ones, which create a better learning environment overall.

Q. Does my child have to bring in their iPhone/Device?

A: No, we provide all devices to work on in class and then at the end of the day we will email home the link to your child’s creation.

Q. Does my child have to provide a computer?

No, we provide all required computers for almost all workshops – but sometimes we will run a BYOD workshop, but if this is a case it will be specifically mentioned in the workshop.

Q. Can we run private workshops?

Yes, at CodeSpace Education we can run private coding workshops for children, teenagers and adults at your school, workplace, library or organisation. We can sometimes also do private workshops at homes, but please contact us to discuss this further.

Q. Are we registered?

Yes, All of our staff over the age of 18 have the working with children’s check and we have $20 million public liability insurance and all of our staff are trained in risk management procedures & child safety and protection.

Q. Do the kids just sit in front of the computers all day?

No, we take recess and lunch breaks that are taken away from the computers to get some fresh air. We also will sometimes participate in learning activities that are done away from the computers (depends on the workshop).

Q. What if my child is sick on the day?

We understand that you can’t control when your kids get sick, which is why, unlike some of our competitors we will give you a full credit for a future workshop, providing proof is produced. 

Q. Is there a child care rebate available?

We don’t offer any child care rebate available at this current time. Join our VIP Club so you know when it becomes available.