CodeSpace Universe

Your Child’s Coding Adventure doesn’t finish at the workshop!

Download Software

CodeSpace Universe provides instructions on how to download and install the software we used in the workshop so they can continue to code at home.

Get started

A complete “get started” at home guide including how to pick up where we left off in class and cool ideas and inspiration.

Learn and Develop

CodeSpace Universe comes with some lessons on concepts covered in class, as well as tips and tricks on how to keep coding at home.


Get fortnightly challenges sent straight to your inbox and posted on CodeSpace Universe. Upload your code and share your creations with friends.

The more workshops you attend, the more you unlock!

The ONLY way to get access to CodeSpace Universe is by attending one of our School Holiday CodeSpace Camps or before/after school CodeSpace Clubs.

Attend Game Making Mania to unlock access to our Game Making Online Resources.

Attend Minecraft Modding Mayhem to unlock Minecraft Modding online resources.

Attend Junior App Developers to unlock our app development online learning resources.

Attend Junior Entrepreneurs with Minecraft to unlock these online resources.

Register today for Free Access

All you have to do is register for one of the above CodeSpace Camps and you get free access to CodeSpace Universe after your workshop finishes!

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